Small Business Loan

We offer access to cash for small businesses who qualify leveraging our proprietary program leveraging Government Funds to provide a reduction in overall long term operational strain to the small business! It is a win-win for those who qualify and typically fund 6-12 weeks faster if you are in a hurry to receive the proceeds for your small business. We want to help keep America working!

Average Small Business Loan $78,369.00

If you have been in business for 3 or more years, and have 5 or more W-2 workers our average loan to these small businesses have been in UNDER 90 days and around $78,000 across the last 300 of this size.

Maximum Loan $5 million

The high end of the lending cap is for those business with over 100 of W-2 employees who need their cash faster in many cases months earlier than normal.

Credit Options for Good and Moderate

This program is based on credit but we do have options from the 520 depending on need.

Apply in under 7 min

Takes Only 7 min to get the process started, and we will give you an indication in under 24 business hours. (not including governmental holidays and weekends)

Cash Fast

Once Approved and file submitted to our ERC group, your request will be fast tracked to lender for RAPID APPROVAL with a typical response time in under 1 week.
(more complicated cases a bit longer)

Use Of Funds

Unlimited to your needs, once you receive your proceeds we do not have many requirements other than we get our money as agreed on time 🙂