Self Employment and Mortgage Application

Self Employment and Mortgage Application Being self employed offers a lot of freedom. You set your own hours, decide your own holidays, and even have final say whether the hairstyle you have is “professional”. However, it is interesting to see that being self employed also means a great deal of responsibility falls on you. Especially[…]

VA Jumbo Loan

VA Jumbo Loans

VA Jumbo Loans: VA Jumbo Loans have specific guidelines that any lender must follow when evaluating a VA loan application. Affordability is found by calculating debt to income ratios, and credit is checked by reviewing credit histories just like most other loans in use. However the Department of Veteran’s Affairs allows the lender to set[…]

Jumbo Loan Low Down Payment

Jumbo Loan – Low Down Payment

Jumbo Loan – Low Down Payment As home values continue to rise and banks loosen their lending standards to a more comfortable degree, more private insurers of mortgages are steadily returning to the market. These private insurers focus on loans and mortgages outside of the conventional reach for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This enables[…]

Commercial Jumbo Loans

What is the Difference between a Jumbo Loan or a Conforming Loan?

One of the many questions that one might ask themselves during the process of researching a #loan is; what, if any, differences are there between a #jumbo loan and a #conforming loan? How would one effect me differently than the other? ¬†Does it really matter as to which one choose? What is a Conforming¬†Loan? A[…]